Second Grade Supply List

  • 20 #2  pencils (just those plain yellow ones, please don’t send novelty pencils, all pencils will go into community use)

  • 24 box of crayons

  • 2- spiral notebooks (Spelling, Journal)

  • 3 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

  • Fiskers scissors

  • Glue

  • Glue sticks

  • Small pencil pouch that will fit in the desk

  • A book bag without wheels (second grade does not send home textbooks, the only books in there will be the BEE Book and library books)

  • small woven throw rug (about a dollar at Wal Mart) for your child to use on the floor

  • a set of personal headphones in a Ziploc baggie with name on both bag and headphone

  • a thumb or flash drive to store our work

  • BEE Books: This year I am building the BEE Books and parents will pay for them in the first week of school ($5.00). These are our organizational/ communication notebooks that are to come to school and go home every day.  This is a very important part of our daily routine!!!! 

        Community Use      

  • 3 rolls of  paper towels

  • 2 boxes of tissues

  • 1 hand sanitizer

  • 1 ream of white copier paper

  • 1 pack of Clorox wipes (to clean the desks) or 1 box Baby Wipe (to clean the students)

  • 1 Lysol spray

  • a box of zip loc bags either snack, quart, gallon, or the extra large size

  • pack of napkins to take with us to the cafeteria at lunch time

  • For our Cooking Class please donate a gift card ($15 to $50) from Kroger,  Publix, Target, or Wal Mart so I can purchase food items for the class rather than send home a note and ask you  make a contribution when we cook. Too many times I have had to disappoint the kids because time got away from a family and they forgot to send in the needed item.

Items we could use for enrichment activities:

colored copier paper

cover stock paper


all sizes of Ziploc baggies: snack, quart, gallon, extra large size

white lunch bags

small and regular sized paper plates






Items WE do not need at school:


big pencil boxes that don't fit in lockers or desks